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Gallinari Vittorio
Raseni Massimo
Raseni Massimo

Profile: International Operations
FIBA agent since 2007.
Official registered Italian Basketball Federation players' agent since 2002.
He speaks Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian.
Born in Trieste on November 10th, 1962. He is married and has two daughters.

Curriculum: He gained his official Federation coaching license in 1982. He is also qualified to coach at a youth level in Slovenia and is member of the "Board of Coaches" in Serbia. He coached for 18 years at a professional for Verona, Torino and Biella. He worked with Coach Dick Motta and the Dallas Mavericks. He also collaborated with top level American colleges such as Notre Dame, Penn State, Princeton and Southern Methodist. He has been the only European Coach to partecipate in the first African Basketball Camp in 2000.